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Information about erotic massage

Finde hier häufige Fragen und Antworten zu Erotikmassage.
Information about erotic massage:

Do all escort ladies offer the service with erotic massage?

We want to offer a unique service with erotic and massage to you.

That's the reason why we want to make sure that you receive an entire body massage of high quality before receiving tender fulfillment.

For that reason only Tina provides the erotic massage service. She is an educated masseuse.

Ask for her when you call us. You will like it.
Will the masseuse come to my hotel room as well?

Of course. With pleasure our sensual masseuse will visit you in your hotel room.
In which cities do you offer this service?

Erotic and Massage we offer at outcall service.
Our sensual masseuse will be glad visiting you in the cities Cologne, Bonn, Dusseldorf and in the surrounding towns.

The surrounding towns for example are Bergheim, Bergisch Gladbach, Bruhl, Erftstadt, Hurth, Leverkusen, Neuss, Siegburg, Wesseling. Ask us for a visit in your town.
What kind of massage will I get?

The sexy masseuse is educated in Ayurvedan massage from North Indian tradition.
It is inspired by the Abhyanga oil massage. This is real recreation and relaxation.

The massage will be performed with warm oil.
The dedicatively fulfilled massage of your entire body includes hand massage and foot massage as well.
At a booking time of 1.5 hrs the one hour massage will be a marvellous preparation for the erotic part of the sensual indulging programm.
Will I receive happy ending as well?

Of course!
The relaxing massage of your entire body will raise your excitement. After this erotic foreplay you will desire release and satisfaction. Naturally this is part of the service.
Will intercourse be possible with the masseuse?

You are allowed to dedicate yourself completely to the endulgement of the erotic masseuse.
She will please you with her entire body if you want so.

Maybe you like particularly the caressing with her mouth and with her warm tongue.
Or you enjoy the skilful movements with her oily hands, which you never experienced before.
Drift along and enjoy the experience.   
Can I get some information about the masseuse, how does she look like?

Tina is a gentle and sensual masseuse. She is very attractive and sexy.
She has long hair, a smooth body and pretty shape.

As a German lady she learned about massage from Indian teachers.
Enjoy the sensual experience with her.   
How can I make an appointment for massage with erotic service?

We look forward to your call to our phone number: +49 - 160 - 94 58 4444
(from German phone: 0160 - 94 58 4444)

The date arrangement can only take place by call.
For a reservation request you can use our e-mail-form.

The booking we can do later during a personal telephone call.
Is it possible to book massage without erotic service?

Sometimes we hear this question. We appreciate that you are impressed by the offered body massage.

But we do not consider possible to avoid the erotic content.
The visit at your home or at your hotel room, the massage on your bed, already is a very intimate situation.
The pretty masseuse is barely dressed and later she is even naked. Already this is erotic and inspiring.
How can you then omit the erotic ending ...

In case you are shy you can tell that you don't want to be touched at your private parts of the body, of course. Tina will regard this.
But please understand that we cannot give any discount to an arrangement like this. There will raise sore temptation during massage. And who knows how you would like to decide then ...
Do you offer 24/7 availability of the erotic massage?

Please understand that appointments for massage and erotic we can only take until 10 p.m. for the same day.

Consider that Tina will make her way to your place after our booking call. Depending on the driving distance the regaling program for you then will start not until 11 p.m.

The first hour of the sensual erotic program comprises a relaxing and eroticising body massage. Surely you want to have enough time for it. Maybe you might not want to receive this valuable massage service only after midnight.

If it is later in the evening we invite you for a shorter erotic adventure by our erotic escort service per hour. Maybe an erotic massage will be more convenient in your schedule next time.

If you have any further questions

please do not hesitate to call us.

Tel. 0160 - 94 58 4444
Int. +49 - 160 - 94 58 4444

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